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"And that is how Allies defeated Axis powers..." Said your history teacher.

"Well, that's so unawesome now isn't it ?" Gilbert, aka the popular jerk, yelled from the back of the class.

"Mr Beilschmidt, please ask permission first if you want to express your opinions. And I guess you are failing from your English class too am I right ?"

Some of the girls giggled when Gilbert looked shocked.

"How did you know ?"

"Maybe because 'unawesome' is not even a word." Said Ms. River.

He opened his mouth to answer but shut it when the bell rang.

You jumped from your seat and run to your locker only to see it was blocked by (Girl/you/hate),the cheerleader, who was currently flirting with Antonio the happy-go-lucky Spaniard.

"Excuse me but you are blocking my way." They seemed uninterested "I said get of my way !" You said while pushing (g/y/h) lightly.

"Sorry." Antonio said as she yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Did you just touch me you ugly peasant !"

'I should be the one yelling. I'm lucky that you didn't spread any germs to me.' you thought . She continued to bark at you while Antonio seemed to lose his interest towards her and started to walk away. She hurried after him giving you one last dirty look.

When they were out of your sight you picked up your books for the next period, chemistry. Sitting down to your desk you put your ear buds so that you wouldn't need to hear the annoying giggles or gossips about BTT.

"Miss (Y/N) can I talk to you for a second ?" Your teacher called for you at the end of the class.

"I have a student who fails from every class but P.E. I need someone to tutor him. I will give you extra credit if you do this for me. So what do you say ?"

With the need of the extra credit you immediately accepted it.

"Great. Be at the library after school." She said with a polite smile.

"Who exactly is it ?"

"Oh, I almost forgot, he is Gilbert, Gilbert Beilschmidt."


-Sudden time skip attack by my bunny Gilbun-


You were currently eating lunch all alone when you felt someone's presence.

"Mind if I Slytherin, tou your table ?" You turned around to see your bestie (b/f/n).

"Hey." You said with a sigh.

"(Y/N), why you look so upset, did something happen ?"

"I feel like I just kissed a dementor (Ok I'm done with Harry Potter preferences)

"Why , what happened ?"

"I have to tutor someone."

"So just do it, it can't be that bad." She said wrapping her fingers around her burger.

"It's Gilbert."

"OH MY GOD NO !" She yelled "Not him! I mean he is hot and stuff but he is going to eat you like a cookie !"

"I thought it was cake. Why cookie?"

"'Cause cookies are delicious and I think you taste like one ! Or you taste like cup cakes." she said giggling.

"Kesesese. Well aren't you sweet ?"

'Oh no not you, please not you !' When you turned you found yourself staring crimson eyes. Gilbert stood there with his famous smile. Oh how fun it would be to punch him in his beautiful face.

"So frau, you are mein new tutor huh ?"

"Sadly." You said.

"Zhats good to know. I'll see you at the library today then!" with that he was gone.

(b/f/n) turned to you as he leave.

"Whenever I see him I feel rainbows in my stomach. I think that's why I want to throw up in his precious face!"

-Time skip...Again..Well I know you love me guys..I know you love me I know you care...Yeah...-

You were currently at the library waiting for your nightmare to come but he was half an hour late. With a loud sigh you get ready to leave when someone grabbed your wrist.

"Hide." He said with a rush as he dragged you towards the corner.

" What the hell are you doing ? Where the heck were you? You are late!"

"I'm sorry ok ? But it wasn't my fault ! Now frau hush and don't make a sound."

"Why and why are we hi-" He covered your mouth when someone entered the room.

"Oh Gilly..Are you here ? I would sure want to play games with you !" (g/y/h) said as she scanned the room. "Come on Gil, I won't bite...hard !" She giggled to herself.

You turned to see Gilbert with a pale face. Well as pale as an albino can get.

"Gilbert ?" She sighed. She left the library when she couldn't manage to see him.

He slowly removed his hand and got up.

"I'm sorry for that liebe. I just don't want her near me."

You got up and took your bag from the desk.

"Why I thought you wouldn't miss a chance to sleep with someone." You said as he looked hurt.

"Come on."

"Hey frau where are you going ? Wait for zhe awesome me !"

"I don't think she will give us peace here so we are going." You said.

"Where ?" He winked. "To your house ?"

"No where I can jump to my death if you touch me."


You took him to the roof. It was like your secret place. It was peaceful and it was somewhere great to hide from bullies.

"Now I know what you meant !" He said.

You sat down and opened your book while he followed you like a lost puppy. You began to work in silent. To your surprise he kept his mouth shut and sat there nodding. After to hours you turned around when he touched your shoulder.

"I-I'm sorry for zhe earlier event. I didn't mean to keep you waiting." He said blushing a little.

"It's ok. It wasn't your fault anyway."

"She is not even my type you know. I like quite girls better."

"So ?" You said "Why are you telling me this ?"

"I d-don't know." He shuttered "I just wanted you to know frau." He continued after taking a deep breath "'CauseyoulookcutewhenyoublushandIlikedyouforalongtimeIwasjusttoocowardtocomeandtalk." He said with the speed of light but you managed to understand and blushed.

"I should probably go." You got up from the ground and placed a peck on his cheek. "Be here tomorrow at the same time so we can study."

You were walking when you heard his voice "Hey frau ! I will see you later right ?"

"Yeah Gil you will."

"So next time can I taste you ? I want to know if you really taste like cookies." He smirked.

"Hell no !"

-Extended Ending-

"So what did you get frau ? I got a B+" Gilbert said.

"An A."

"Was ?! Ich akzeptiere diesen Scheiß nicht !!"

Was? Ich akzeptiere diesen Scheiß nicht! --> What ? I do not accept this shit.

Well this was one of my earlier works and I thought why not...Sorry if there is any mistakes Sweating a little... 
It was a little bit short but hey, I don't care...
Feedbacks and comments would be highly appreciated Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
I do not own Hetalia. It belongs to Hidekaz 

 Ps: LIKE WHAT ?? It has been two weeks since I posted this...
1,161 Views and 113 Favourites ?? Thanks guys !! ^^

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